Greenlawn- More than just a name

Greenlawn review

Greenlawn- there's a lot in a name.

What will strike you when you visit is, not to put to fine a point on it....the green lawns.

Greenlawn, straddles the line between commutable location and big, comfortable properties. As you know, if you've searched for a home on Long Island, you're often choosing between location, property size, and an empty wallet.

You can live in northern Nassau County. That will put you near the city, for sure. However, barring millions of dollars, you'll be lucky to find a quarter acre. Further, be prepared to do some renovating.

You can live out east, but it will be hard to work in the city (or even visit).

School districts present some choices as well. Go to to investigate.

Greenlawn offers the best of both worlds. Comfortable property size, easy access to the Huntington LIRR train, and you're just 10 minutes from Commack and the Deer Park Outlets (for example). You're close, but not too close. Everything you need is nearby, but not on top of you. If you ever think "I want my family near me....but not TOO near me," Greenlawn may be a fit.

Take a look!

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