Little Diddy, about Nick and Kim

The line between client and friend blurs....

New clients come to me in three ways:

  1. Referrals (old clients referring new)
  2. Through my website (by all means, reach out!)
  3. Friends and family

A key to succeeding with a new client is building trust. Namely, explaining you are working for THEM, and your advice is intended to help THEM. These are easy things to say. However, if you don't follow through, you will always be exposed. If you advise overbidding, push waiving inspections or appraisals, or try to bull a client into bidding on a house just so YOU can move will be exposed.

Nick and Kim's story makes this point perfectly. We were looking for homes together for more than six months. At first, they wanted a fixer-upper. An investment that they could shortly sell for more if they wanted to. A worthy plan.

As our search evolved, they realized that the thought of tearing a house apart was a lot to take on. As soon-to-be-newlyweds, replacing a kitchen or ripping off a roof seemed a tall task. An understandable thought.

We then pivoted to recently updated, smaller houses that were GREAT now, but could be what they wanted in the future (i.e., big enough for a big family). When we found the right house, they were very confident the one we found was the right one. When it was time to haggle on terms, they knew how far to go...because they really wanted the house (rather than settling).

No rush, no bully, no "steering." Instead, listening, learning, pivoting.

As a result, they just closed on great home, in a great neighborhood. They even gave ME an inside joke closing gift. Something a friend would do.

If you leave a real estate transaction on bad terms with your agent (or client), it's worth examining why.

I wish Kim and Nick the best!

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