The walk-through

What to look for at the walk through...and what to avoid!

You can see the finish line. You've seen dozens of homes, or shown yours dozens of times. You've asked/answered questions about the property line, the boiler, air conditioner maintenance, neighbors.

You've negotiated the $$$. You've completed the inspection. You've "gone to contract." The lawyers have even agreed on a closing date.

You're done right?

Actually, no.

There is still a walk-through. What's the point, right? The inspector already inspected!

Well, a lot can change in a few weeks or months. Houses exist in a state of "punctuated equilibrium." That means they stay largely the same until they radically change quickly. A chimney could be working, then get hit by a tree branch, trapping CO in your den (true story). The driveway could be looking great, until a sump collapses below it (true story).

What you want to do as a buyer is walk through a couple of days before the closing. Flip every light switch, bring your iphone flashlight up into the attic, turn on every faucet and appliance. If you see something, say something.

As a seller, you want to "pre walk-through." If something isn't working, point it out yourself, and work out a resolution. It may be as simple as a "$75 credit a tclosing." It may be as complex as "lawyer holds $2k in escrow while we get the boiler repaired." Regardless, don't hide things. Earn and deserve your counterpart's trust.

If you're not sure how to address an issue, talk to your agent. We are here to help!

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