You own a big, empty house....

Choosing furniture should be easy and fun

You've got a big empty house. Now what? Well, you've got to furnish it.

For the moment, obviously, you can move the furniture from your old house. The odds of it being perfect are slim. What to do?

Well, you want to be strategic. Prioritize the rooms you use most. If your mattress is shot, start there. If you always hated your grandmother's old floral pattern sofa, it's outta here. Let your heart be your guide. Same goes for the massive TV your brother has that you've been jealous of. Let's go for it!

The good news is, unlike the hassle of getting a mortgage, financing furniture should be easy. Many places, such as Raymour & Flanigan offer interest fee financing for a year or more. Bob's offers up to 60 months of financing.

When it comes to quality, you may realize that $$ is a little tight after making the biggest purchase of your life. So...if you want to cheap now, do it! Everything looks nice when it's new. More importantly, it works! You can always use your Christmas Bonus (do they still give those?) to upgrade.

That said, think long term about what you want your room to look like for 20 years. If you want a sectional, don't buy a love seat for $3,000 you'll need to replace in 2 years.

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