Basements....Buried Treasure!

Think about finishing your basement.

When you move into a new home, money can be tight. You have to move, paint, probably buy a couch to fit in your new den.

Genuine home improvement may seem like a distant dream. Maybe, but maybe not.

If you paid $600K for your home, another $50K or so might literally increase your livable space by 50%.

All you need to do is finish the basement. If you have 7' or 8' ceilings down there, and an accessible wasteline (for a bathroom), you can put in an office, den, or gym.

Unlike other ways to spend $50K (trip to Fiji), this money isn't SPENT it's INVESTED. $50K might increase your property value by double that. Think of all the buyers who don't want to do construction!

Check out to see some examples.

Or give me a call and let's talk it through...

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