Ready to sell? Make sure you maximize your curb appeal

Tips for getting your yard ready for sale

If you're about to put your house on the market, there are many small things you can do to add lots of value.

One big one is to get your landscaping right. Some of this seems obvious, but maybe not.

  1. Cleanup- If you have abandoned children's toys, lawn furniture, slip and slides...GET RID OF THEM. I know it seems cumbersome. Get them to the curb. If there is too much for that, call a junk removal company. Good use of a couple of hundred bucks. As George Carlin says, why is your shit stuff, and their stuff shit? Your clutter makes it look like the house hasn't been maintained. It's hard to see how awesome your yard is when it is covered in rusted rocking horses.
  2. Pruning- Trees and bushes should not be touching electrical wires. They should not be hanging over walking paths and sidewalks. Again, buyers want to feel open space.
  3. Pick up leaves and branches
  4. Handyman work - Make sure gates close with a crisp snap, make sure they can be opened from either side (a piece of string can usually do this). Make sure the outdoor lights work and are pointed the right way. Make sure timers are set so driveby buyers see a lit house
  5. Flower pots-Many homeowners ambitiously buy flower pots and planters, then fail to use them. If you have pots, they need plants in them. If you don't want to buy plants...throw out the pots.
  6. Empty the garage - At a minimum, you need to be able to walk in from the garage door and from the house door. You're going to deliver a "broomswept" empty garage, might as well show it that way. If you don't, buyers don't see a new home, they see HOMEWORK!
  7. Keep the grass cut neatly
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