Centerport- Outside of town

Centerport- does it fit?

Many of my clients haven't yet decided where they want to live. They have a budget and some priorities. Maybe they want their families nearby. Maybe parks, waterfront, or the train station.

Centerport checks a lot of these boxes for many people. It also has the benefit of being near me!

Centerport is true to its name.

But seriously, Centerport is just 10 minutes from the Huntington LIRR train line- the best line in Long Island east of Hicksville, IMHO. It's also just 10 minutes from the Village of Huntington AND the Village of Northport. It will take you months to try the restaurants, bars, and local hangouts.

Centerport is also in the Harborfields school district- check out to see what that means.

What makes Centerport truly special, though, is that while it is truly in the "center" of everything, it's still outside the hustle and bustle of nearby towns. It has rolling hills, old-growth trees, and quiet streets. When you're here, it feels like you might be in the Berkshires, when really you're 10 minutes from everything, and just an hour's train ride from the city.

On top of all this, most of the village is a short bike ride to the water. If you kayak (or want to), or boat (or want to), or simply like laying a quiet Sound beach, Centerport could be the ticket. Speaking from experience, it is great to be able to spend an hour or two at the beach without spending an hour or two to get there. The "port" in Centerport isn't just branding.

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